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Bollard Garden Light
You can power the SMIGL by a USB adapter and you can also purchase a solar panel from Euralux with a USB socket to power your SMIGL
The SMIGL can be ordered in a single units or in a triple pack version

We understand different types of plants have preferred soil moistures and as a result the Orchid SMIGL has 3 consumer presets for the soil moisture ( low , medium and high ), that
can easily selected on the side body of the lamp.

The Orchid SMIGL will glow a subtle Green Colour to gently illuminate your plant without interrupting the plants photosynthesis cycle. When the soil moisture drops below the your set moisture level, the Orchid SMIGL will fl ash a red colour to indicate that you need to add water the plant.

Once water is added and diffuses through the soil and increases above your set level the Orchid SMIGL will return to green. As water diffusing through soil will take some time it may take some time for the Light to return to green depending on pot size, soil type etc.

Technical Data:
  • 3 position soil moisture switch  ( Low, Medium and High )
  • On Off Switch
  • Solar Powered with Li battery 
  • IP44
What is supplied
  • Bollard SMIGL
  • Solar Panel with 1m meter of lead



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