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Euralux is a lighting manufacturer for over 25 years of experience.

Our history is of manufacturing high quality light sources, such as CFL, Halogen, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and now with LED. We also manufacture unique Lighting fi xtures for our customers.

With a history of supplying Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps to the Hydroponics industry over the last 10 years we have turned our attention to focusing on domestic internal and external plants with an

innovative concept to increase the health of your pot plants Hydroponics as well as automatic watering.

Euralux Engineering Department has designed a Soil Moisture Indicating Garden Light – SMIGL) The SMIGL will glow green when the soil moisture is above the set level and will glow red when the soil is below the set


Also, you can set three levels of moisture for your soil. (as some plants like dry soils whilst other plants like moist soils)

There is a number of models to choose from supplied by either solar or USB charger Solar off ers outdoor use when a power socket is not available Also, our Engineering Department has designed SMIGL with an Auto

Watering System that the SMIGL will tell to add water to the soil when the soil is too dry. This will be of great assistance to keep your indoor plants healthy when you go on a holiday.

We also have a range of outdoor 12V garden lights that will enhance your night garden by illuminating you plants PLUS an LED indicator to tell you if your soil moisture is low and you should water your garden.

Please refer to each models’ specifi cations for more details.








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